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The innovations in solar panel technology is ever-growing field and a necessity that we adapt to an alternative energy source – one derived from the sun. Several breakthroughs in solar panel research have led to drastically improved efficiency, affordability, and residential adoption. Read on to discover the most recent advances in this domain and how these are changing the scenario for solar setup for home.

Bifacial Solar Panels

Bifacial solar panels collect sunlight from two sides which has higher efficiency. Comparatively, traditional panels absorb light from one side and bifacial panels can capture reflected ground light, increasing energy production by up to 30%. The technology works well in environments with large amounts of highly reflective surfaces; snow and sandy areas are two examples where this is the case.

PERC (Passivated Emitter & Rear Cell) Technology

PERC technology has been a remarkable innovation in solar panel technology. The move adds a passivation layer to the rear side of the cells and aims to increase their efficiency as a result. The layer helps prevent electrons from recombining and improves light absorption, leading to more energy productivity. With the higher output and low cost, PERC modules have quickly become a new standard in the industry.

Thin-Layer Solar Cells

There’s an additional promising development from the mechanical landscape, and that is Thin-Layer Photovoltaic cells. The way they are made is by laying down one or more thin layers of photovoltaic material on a substrate. Lightweight and flexible, these cells can be mounted on surfaces like windows and pavilions. Although not as efficient as conventional silicon-based panels, the relatively low cost of production and their ability to produce electricity in non-direct sunlight provide an alternative for specific use cases.

Heterojunction Technology (HJT)

Heterojunction technology is a combination of crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film technology. HJT cells have a distinctive design, with a layer of amorphous silicon on either side of a crystalline silicon wafer. This model consumes fewer electrons and thus improves efficiency. HJT panels are considered one of the best solar panels in India due to their high performance even in low-light conditions.

Perovskite Solar Cells

Perovskite solar cells are a game-changing technology in the industry that has the promise of changing its landscape completely. They are made up of a kind of crystal material called perovskites, which has a natural structure that is great at converting sunshine into electricity. Perovskite Cells are based on low-cost materials and simple manufacturing processes. Though they are just in the development stage, the efficiency improvements have alluded to a future where they may compete with standard silicon panels.

Smart Solar Panels

Smart solar panels have built-in, efficient microelectronics that enable the optimization of individual panel performance. These are best solar panels for home paired with microinverters or power optimizers that maximize energy production and minimize the risks of a system failure. This technology proves to be especially useful in installations where shading or other obstructions might impact individual panels, for instance, making sure you get the best solar system for home.

Solar Tracking Systems

Solar tracking systems are the devices that position solar panels towards the sun depending on the time of day. These systems can produce 25 to 35% more energy compared to fixed-tilt panels by tracking the sun’s trajectory. While solar tracking will help serve great on a large scale (solar farms), it can be equally effective at a residential level too.

Integrated Solar Solutions – Innovation in Solar Panel Technology

Integrated solar solutions are yet more a combination of solar panels with other building materials such as roof tiles or facades. Should a homeowner want an attractive other to solar panels, these solutions can mix in rather elegantly with the structure of a home. New companies are providing integrated solutions that do more than just generate electricity to make the warm and weather protection function of a solar panel part of the unit cost.


The latest advances in technology of solar panel for home price promise to make solar power more efficient, affordable, and versatile. These advancements from bifacial panels and PERC technology to perovskite cells and smart panels are helping solar energy breakthrough as a residential product. Whether you are in the marketplace for the best solar panels for home or seeking considerations about a compendious solar setup for home, these breakthroughs provide you with a divergent array of solutions to suit your energy endeavor. Adopting these technologies will not only shrink your carbon footprint but in the long term also provide you with savings on your energy cost.

When considering the solar panel for home price, it’s essential to weigh these innovative technologies against traditional options to determine the best fit for your energy needs and budget. Redington Solar is the distributor of best solar panels in India for homes. 

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