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Loans from banks and NBFCs available at low interest rates and long payment schedule.

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Now that you know how much you can save, space need to go solar and investment. Let us quickly learn a few important things

For businesses and homes

The amount of sunlight that the Earth receives each day if used to power us all, would last a full year. Utilizing solar energy frees your household from dependency on grid power, while lowering your carbon footprint to ensure a greener future. After a few years of installation, the one-time investment becomes free, and the best part is that the investment generates enormous returns in the form of cheaper electricity costs for many years. A household can use solar power in part or all of its energy requirements including air conditioners and geysers using solar power.

What equipment is required to go solar?

A solar system requires solar panels, inverters, batteries (for systems that are not connected with grid power), charge controllers, distribution boxes and other small components that are required to get the unit up and running


Loans from banks and NBFCs are easily available with long payment terms and low interest rates. We have tied up with multiple lenders and will help you with your loan application

Warranty and Service Life

Product warranty on solar panels ranges between 12 to 25 years depending on the brand you choose. In addition to product warranty panels come with performance warranty that simple means that panel is guaranteed to generate a declared amount of electricity all through its service life

Service life of panels is over 25 years

Do I need batteries?

If you do not have an electricity connection possibly you will need batteries. But even when connected with the grid you may still want to have a back up in case of power failure. Solar systems that are connected to grid to coverup any shortfall in supply are called On-grid systems and once that are not connected to the grid are call Off-Grid system. On-grid system with batteries is a hybrid system. Get in touch with us and we will help you choose

Can I avail subsidy?

Subsidy is available when the connection is for domestic use, this therefore includes RWAs. Subsidy differs from state to state. We have an entire section help you learn about this. Please click here to know more

What do I do with the surplus power if any?

For times when you are not using up all the electricity, it is possible to export power to the grid and discount your electricity bill on units or money as may be the provision in your state. Our teams on the ground will help you learn more about it. Please get in touch and we will help you know more

Why go solar with us

Solar setups have a service life of over 25 years. It is therefore important to choose the right partner for installation. Redington is a company listed on BSE and has been around for 30+ years. We are present is over 30 countries and had a revenue base of over USD 10 billion in FY ’24. You can safely lay your trust in us and assured for all the years to come Redington serves as a one stop shop when you want to go solar for home or business. We have the largest collection of products to choose from, finance, insurance, supporting structures and equipment, warranty support and skilled staff to help you with installation. Get in touch with us and we will help you through the entire journey

A few points for businesses

Can I install solar on a shed roof?

Yes solar can be installed on a shed.

Can I export excess electricity to the grid?

Yes you may install excess power to the grid and discount the state power electricity bill.

Can I avail finance for the installation?

Yes we have ties up with SBI, SIDBI and NBFCs to help you finance the project.

Can I use grid power along with solar power?

Absolutely, yes!

Can I avail subsidy?

Govt does not allow subsidy to corporates but considering the saving you will have over 2 decades, you may not miss, not having a subsidy.

Can Solar support power supply of power intensive equipment?

Solar power is like grid supply. It can support power guzzling equipment. If at any point your equipment requires additional power, the solar power system will pull only additional power from the grid .

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